Family Photos

We have family photos coming up at the end of the month and I am incredibly excited. This will be our first family session since Landon has arrived. With this excitement comes planning! It always seems like such a chore to plan out our family outfits. I want to match but not be the family that wear white button ups and khaki pants. I haven’t really developed a good system to this but although its tough I truly take pleasure in it. What do you think?

Family Photo Shoot Outfits | Fairhome Road





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5 Responses to Family Photos

  1. Abbie says:

    I like it a lot. Looks casual yet unified. Accessories for a touch of class. Who’s doing the photography?!


    • fairhomeroad says:

      Hello My Darling Sister!! This is still a complete working process, but thanks for checking it out! We are having Zahra Thobani Photography take out photos. Brandon and I had paid for a Valentine mini at the beginning of the year but the weather didn’t cooperate. We need to use our credit within the year of 2014 – and she does an amazing job. You should check out her website. I love you.


      • Abbie says:

        Hello to YOU my darling sister whom I love. I intend on being your blog’s biggest fan! I have noticed progress that you’ve made and must say that I like the new banner you’ve created. You’re writing style is perfect for this blog. You are casual and well-spoken. It’s conversational yet proper. I’m sure you’ll continue to enjoy exploring and finding your blogging voice. It looks like you will get some nice photos from Zahra… did we go to school with her? I don’t think you should need to buy a dslr to take pictures of your food. There are tons of websites that give tips on how to do that. Also, I have some Lu Ray Pastel dishes, and whenever I put food on the “green” one, it looks FANTASTIC. Here’s one on ebay:


      • fairhomeroad says:

        Thank you for the tips! I have been so busy lately it’s been a challenge to get this going! Once we get a room complete at the house I will have a TON to write about. In time. I do this because I want to not for any other benefit.


      • Abbie says:

        I think you are doing an awesome job. 90% of the job is just showing up!


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