Nice List Certificate and Letter From Santa

Christmas is my favorite time of year! To me, there is something SO magical about a child’s belief in Santa. Staying up to get a glimpse of him, making him cookies and leaving him milk. Waking up to find the gifts that he left because you were such a good child that year. The excitement!

Nice List | Fairhome Road

I would say that this would be the first year that my daughter understands everything Christmas. We have been working on giving and being present with family. She 100% knows about Santa this year. Not that she didn’t in the past but this year her imagination is really taking off.

Santa Letter| Fairhome Road

I have been waiting for this year, where I could send her a letter from Santa and a Nice List Certificate. Now, I know there are plenty of sites where you can order from. I know that they aren’t THAT expensive if you only have 1 child but I still wasn’t willing to spend $20 dollars per kiddo. (I guess you can call me cheap)

I am offering these for free. They aren’t professional. They aren’t amazing but do they really have to be? What your child will remember most is the way that they felt when the letter was received.

I hope you enjoy them. If you have any suggestions about how these could be better please let me know in the comments. I created these in Word as I feel most people have that on their computer. Nothing fancy… just FUN!

I plan on dropping these in the mail tonight!

Letter from Santa | Fairhome Road

Nice List Certificate | Fairhome Road

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TP Roll Bird Feeder

Today my daughter and I threw it back to about 1995 girls scouts with the toilet paper roll bird feeder!

Toilet Paper Bird Feeder | Fairhome Road

Any of you guys remember making these as a kid? I definitely remember eating most of the peanut butter and some of the seeds. If you haven’t made these and have kids it is a must try.

Toilet Paper Bird Feeder | Fairhome Road  Toilet Paper Bird Feeder | Fairhome Road


Simply save your toilet paper rolls, cover them in peanut butter and roll them in seeds. I did add a string before the peanut butter stage so that we could hang them from our railing outside.

It is super winter outside so I am unsure how many birds we will see {as of now we haven’t had any visitors} but either way my daughter enjoyed herself!

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Colors Are Smiles

Throughout November my family and I have been fortunate to expand our giving and thankfulness outside of our home. We started with handing out pies to our neighbors and leaving Hey Stranger cards for others to find.

While we were acting upon our other two givings my daughter was busy coloring over 25 turkey photos to hand out at the community home my mother-in-law works at. I found a free downloadable turkey color page on the internet and simply added “Happy Thanksgiving” to the bottom of it. We had blue turkeys, pink turkeys… turkeys-turkeys-turkeys! We worked on mixing blue and yellow to make green, red and yellow to make orange, and my daughter even came up with some of her own mixes!! She would write her name and a personal message if she felt like it. We only did a few a night so that she wouldn’t loose interest.

Color Handout | Fairhome Road

On a Saturday morning we gathered up our colorings and headed out! Up until the moment we walked into the community home she was SO excited but quickly her shyness set in. We had a good 20 minutes of exploring the area before we felt comfortable enough to hand out our pages. We went from room to room, greeted and talked with a few people… once we got going though she was on a mission to hand those pictures out!

It was amazing to watch my daughter have such a good time and interact with others. I feel its important for her to learn about giving and making another person’s day. You don’t have to do anything that is expensive – other than a little bit of gas we spent nothing to make this happen just took a little bit of our time and the impact is lasting.

The reason I am unable to post any photos is because the residents would have to sign a release. We also wanted to enjoy the moment. A lot of times we end a project or event and I realize that I was so into the activity that I completely forgot about photos {which is okay with me – the memories are what really matters}.

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