About Me

Welcome to Fairhome Road! I am JohAnna – the girl behind the blog. I have never been comfortable writing about myself so… you know… here we go.



I was born and raise in the Midwest and have loved everything about it. My parents raised me in a simple home on Fairhome Road. We never had a lot of money but they always worked hard to give me what they could. They taught me to be thankful and appreciate what we had. My mom showed me the importance of caring for others and being a part of the community. My dad taught me how to fix stuff half-assed.

It’s here where I met my wonderful, gifted, smart, handsome husband Brandon. He has helped guide me further to becoming the person I strive to be.  We have created a beautiful family, bringing our daughter, Vivian, and son, Landon, into this world. They are by far the sweetest children ever! My husband would be disappointed if I forgot to mention our sweet, {or not so} sweet pups… Mio.

If you can’t find me at home or at work then you probably don’t know where those places are. I thoroughly enjoy being with my family, cookin’-it-up in the kitchen, hobby photography. sprucing up the house and – I can’t lie – I do like my job!

Together Brandon and I have been working to make our house a home and this is something we want to share with you!


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