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***SO this is great… I have noticed this page needs some serious update… seriously. Looks like I know what I will be doing this coming week***

Brandon and I were fortunate to buy our home back in 2011 when house prices were so low it was unreal, it was the perfect time to jump in on our first home.  The house was move in ready with the exception of appliances and some random light fixtures but we have been working hard on making this wonderful house we bought our home.  We live in a friendly community and are surrounded by young families, just seemed to fit perfect.

Home |Fairhome Road



As of right now I cant say that we actually have one room completely finished.  We have been working on our kitchen and living room area and when you see the pictures you will understand why it is such a big process.  The two areas flow together and everything you do in one area affects the other.





We have big plans of ripping out the closet and replacing it with a great entry nook with a bench and hooks.  If there is a way we can swing it, in the garage we will add a “mud room” area in hopes of keeping the mess away from this small space.
The entry is full of awkward angles and no where to add a table or set anything down, our stairs have each become little individual tables.

Before:                                                                                After:

    Entryway Before | Fairhome Road                        A Beautiful After | Fairhome Road



We have been doing the most work as of late in the living room and kitchen area.  We are no where near done but at least I have a little something to show.  We have many projects for these two spaces in the works and we are loving each and every step.  The upstairs is really changing fast!

Living Room:

Before:                                                                  So Far:

Living Room Before | Fairhome Road    Living Room Preview | Fairhome Road

Kitchen/Dining Area:


Kitchen Before  | Fairhome Road Dining Before | Fairhome Raod


We HAVE actually done a lot in this area. Our cabinets are white and the dark floors flow into the kitchen. Better pictures are coming!

Kitchen | Fairhome Road




We have been blessed with the smallest of bathrooms.  When we moved in I did the most ridiculous thing and painting the bathroom a darkish blue. All it has done is closed the space in and made it feel even smaller.  We would like to completely gut the bathroom but its just not in the budget at this time.  I have some really great simple ideas to open the space with just a bit of paint we already have and some new finishing touches.


I have completed a 2 day bathroom makeover. Guess I should probably write about that… I used the blue in a different way and brighten the room up. This room is finished just need to show it off.


        Upstairs Bathroom Before | Fairhome Road


Bathroom | Fairhome Road Bathroom | Fairhome Road




Downstairs | Fairhome Road

Family Room:

In the spring of 2014 we were one of the lucky few that received a flooded basement. I guess this gave us the extra push we need to being decorating efforts. Carpets were removed and light colored tile replaced it. The light wood trim was removed and white was installed to match what we are going with up stairs.

Before:                                                                                After:

Family Room Before | Fairhome Road                               

Landon’s Room:

The flooring we used went throughout the basement.

Before:                                                                                After:

     Landon's Room Before | Fairhome Road                                     

The Office:


Office Before | Fairhome Road        Office Before | Fairhome Road



I have done a little bit to this bathroom but only because Abbie and Garrett spent sometime with us after doing some of traveling. Nothing crazy and honestly I dont feel this bathroom was built very well. I am pretty sure they did just enough to make it pass as a bathroom.

 Before:                                                                                As Is:

      Bathroom Before | Fairhome Road                                       Bathroom | Fairhome Road


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