A Fancy New Table!

Usually I don’t get all excited about things and I really never planned to blog about items that I have found and purchased… just kidding, that’s a lie!

Coffee Table | Fairhome Road


I LOVE finding awesome and amazing “stuff” {if you will} and right now I couldn’t be more excited about this beautiful coffee table find. I had been just thinking about building my own hairpin leg table when this baby popped up {thankfully! have you seen the price of just ONE leg? Oofta!}. It a wonderful feeling that I don’t even have to refinish it, it already looks perfect! I know Brandon thought I was a little crazy when I first showed him the picture of it but I know he loves it just as much as I do.

I enjoy finding new sources of wonderful home decor items. I could look at them all day long. Usually a good craigslist search and you will find anything you are looking for. I actually found this on the good old FB {facebook}. In our area we have many garage sales sites, one even has an app {amazing, huh?}. I am addicted… truly. Who wouldn’t be? Look at this table! {please excuse the unfinished room behind it… we will get to that on another post} If you do not currently have a local garage sale page for your area on FB do yourself a favor and create one!


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