Nice List Certificate and Letter From Santa

Christmas is my favorite time of year! To me, there is something SO magical about a child’s belief in Santa. Staying up to get a glimpse of him, making him cookies and leaving him milk. Waking up to find the gifts that he left because you were such a good child that year. The excitement!

Nice List | Fairhome Road

I would say that this would be the first year that my daughter understands everything Christmas. We have been working on giving and being present with family. She 100% knows about Santa this year. Not that she didn’t in the past but this year her imagination is really taking off.

Santa Letter| Fairhome Road

I have been waiting for this year, where I could send her a letter from Santa and a Nice List Certificate. Now, I know there are plenty of sites where you can order from. I know that they aren’t THAT expensive if you only have 1 child but I still wasn’t willing to spend $20 dollars per kiddo. (I guess you can call me cheap)

I am offering these for free. They aren’t professional. They aren’t amazing but do they really have to be? What your child will remember most is the way that they felt when the letter was received.

I hope you enjoy them. If you have any suggestions about how these could be better please let me know in the comments. I created these in Word as I feel most people have that on their computer. Nothing fancy… just FUN!

I plan on dropping these in the mail tonight!

Letter from Santa | Fairhome Road

Nice List Certificate | Fairhome Road

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