Homemade Christmas Cones

DIY Christmas Cones | Fairhome Road

November brings Christmas decorating at my house! The weekend before Thanksgiving is reserved for putting up the tree and hanging the stockings. With all the changes we have made to our home over the past year – the same old decorations would not do. Of course, I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on new decor – so clearly… DIY is the answer.

I didn’t have the time to fully jump into a day of DIY, so a project today – a project tomorrow. Today I start with DIY Christmas Cones. You may have seen these all over pinterest if you are an addict like myself. The BEST and EASIEST tutorial I have found for the cone template can be found HERE. {One of my most favorite thing about pinterest is finding new blogs to follow. The Creativity Exchange is one that I hit the subscribe button after 5 minutes of being there… you will too.} Make sure you are using a good thick poster board – you will want them to be sturdy and able to hold whatever you cover them with.

DIY Christmas Cones | Fairhome Road

Anyway – I am always terrible about taking photos as I am doing things but I feel this project is pretty self explanatory. Once you get the shape of the cone down its really up to your own creativity. I smothered two of mine in large flake glitter and those babies look impressive, honestly expensive. The smallest one I made is covered in project felt and the other two in burlap. Easy project – beautiful results! If you have been thinking of tackling this DO IT!

DIY Christmas Cones | Fairhome Road

And honestly – the only reason I get to put these up now is because they don’t HAVE to be for Christmas. They will go perfectly with our holiday decor but I think I will be able to convince my husband into letting me keep these around for awhile.

Project Cost: 
$2.95 – 3 Large Pieces of Poster Board
$.61 – (Glitter The portion of the container I used)
$.97 – Dark Burlap
$.97 – White Burlap
$.23 – Felt
$5.73 – Total Cost

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