When I started this blog I knew EXACTLY what I wanted and how it would turn out. I acted with a lot of confidence and foolishly jumped in head-first. Not that I regret my decision to begin but now that I have had time to think my actions through – I need to regroup and pull myself together. I feel like I’ve tried to take on too many subjects and along with the craziness of regular life (with two kiddos) this all turned into something more of a chore. I started this because I wanted something that was mine and FUN.

I didn’t really take the time to let things sink in. Within a week I thought of a name,  a website, a logo created and it was go time. I now wish I would have taken the time to slow down and sort through my thoughts. I have a vision of where I want to take this blog but don’t want to be cleaning up my mess and covering tracks down the road.

At this point, I have some planning and writing to do and a little searching of how I want to proceed.

About fairhomeroad

Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister.
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